One of the key challenges for public relations is always the question of what topics interest the media. For the international career portal, Reichl und Partner PR has been using questions from the world of work, which are analyzed scientifically, for two years in this context. A total of four job changer studies have been conducted to date with the renowned market research institute IMAS. The studies will be presented at a press conference. In addition to the question "How many are currently willing to switch?", the study always deals with hot social topics, such as "Lifelong learning" or "The job application situation". conducts this job changer study every six months.

On January 8, 2014, the 4th Monster Job Changer Study addressed the phenomenon of burnout in front of 26 representatives of domestic media. A total of 1,010 Austrians were interviewed face-to-face for the study. The survey took place in October 2013. The study was scientifically accompanied by the physician and book author Prim. Dr. Kurosch Yazdi from the Wagner-Jauregg State Mental Hospital in Linz.  A core result of the empirically representative study is that the majority of the Austrian population is of the opinion that people affected by burnout are not tachiners. The study also shows that the population is more advanced than many a political group that sees the cause of burnout only in the world of work.

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