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You have undoubtedly already learned quite a lot about us on our extensive website. If you are interested in finding out more, here are the agency presentations of our individual units and the Group as well as the corresponding videos, references and explanations of why we are the ideal partner. Simply click to download them and get to know us even better. If you still have questions after that, we would be happy to receive your call or e-mail.

Preparation workshop

We love to go into depth together with our customers. And sometimes it also makes sense to prepare a workshop using a checklist.

RUP Workshop


REICHLUNDPARTNER differs from many smaller agencies in its strategic approach. Because success always has a strategically well thought-out basis.

RUP Approach Presentation


We have been serving some of our customers for more than three decades now. This good cooperation only works through mutual trust. We have tried to capture our recipe for success for a good cooperation here.

RUP Cooperation Presentation

Vision development

The power of vision mobilizes the energy of employees and customers. That is why we focus on visionary business models and innovative business strategies.

RUP Vision Development

Brand positioning

Our model for brand positioning builds on the experience of the last 3 decades. In addition, there are experts from the industry and agency life.

RUP Brand Positioning

Brand house, detailed:

Old but proven, the brand house is the best shorthand for a brand statement. It is particularly suitable for internal communication and is often also the basis for employer branding.

RUP Brandhaus Model Detailed

Brand house, short version:

For those who like it fast, the positioning of a brand at a glance.

RUP Brand House Model Abstract


Get to know REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising, the creative agency with the background of a holistically structured agency group, better.

Xpert Night

Agency presentation

REICHLUNDPARTNER started an internal process years ago and worked together with professors and students from renowned European and American universities on a concept for the future. And that’s how our agency model for future “challenges” came about.

Agency Presentation
RUP Agenturvorstellung 2022

Agenturvorstellung | PPT als PDF

Lernen Sie die REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur mit Standorten in Wien, Linz, Graz und Niederlassungen in Zürich und München samt ihren hoch spezialisierten Units für Mediaplanung, Digitale Kommunikation, PR, Social Media, Eventmarketing und Future Thinking kennen.

Creative Media Agency


Get to know REICHLUNDPARTNER Media, the media agency with the background of a holistically structured agency group, better.

Creative Media Agency

Experiential Marketing

Get to know better the Gesellschaft für Erlebnismarketing, the event agency with the background of a holistically structured agency group.


Get to know REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital, the digital agency with the background of a holistically structured agency group, better.


Get to know REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations, the PR agency with the background of a holistically structured agency group, better.

Analysis of the competitive environment

Every company is exposed to internal and external forces. Only when you know which way the wind is blowing can you set the sails correctly.

Creative strategy

What is meant by a creative strategy, what is behind a creative idea? When is an idea a “Big Idea”? Get to know our creative philosophy.

Customer Journey

How does it go from a simple message to influencing and controlling behavior? What does a message have to contain in order to shoot quickly into the brain?

Media Tools Austria

Here we illustrate various analyses and their development from Austria.

RuP History


Here you can learn about the history as well as the clients of REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency.

RUP History
RUP Definitions


Direct advertising, owned media, PR … terms from the world of communication are many. REICHLUNDPARTNER has defined them precisely and summarized them in this download.


Media planning

Which mediastrategic and mediatactic considerations does an efficient and above all effective media plan require?

The 7S model

The classic for the development of a corporate strategy must not be missing on our website. Probably the best tool for future challenges.

Media encyclopedia

From A for Access Prime to I for Infomercial and Z for Zapping – an encyclopedia of all aspects of the media phenomenon. You read or hear a term you do not know? Just look it up here!

RUP Vienna

REICHLUNDPARTNER Vienna – How to find us

We look forward to meet you at REICHLUNDPARTNER Vienna.

RUP How to find Vienna
RUP Linz

REICHLUNDPARTNER Linz – How to find us

Welcome to REICHLUNDPARTNER Linz – right in the heart of the city center.

RUP How to find Linz

REICHLUNDPARTNER application form

REICHLUNDPARTNER application form

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