Do you know what your customers experience at your company? - REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur presents the topic of mystery shopping by WHITEBOX. 

What customers buy and where they buy is easy to determine these days. However, only the customer can tell you what they experience while shopping with you. So from now on, have a personal conversation with every customer? A nice idea, however, this would go beyond any time and money resources. For this reason REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency presents the solution - "Mystery Shopping" of the market research company WHITEBOX. 

WHITEBOX is a renowned market research company based in Linz and has been conducting market, consumer and customer surveys for more than 15 years. As an expert in mystery shopping of all kinds (test visits, test purchases, mystery calls, etc.), the company has already successfully handled more than 70,000 tests. The database, with more than 19,000 test persons, makes it possible to authentically recreate any customer structure. The goal is to increase the satisfaction of your customers and thus increase your sales.

What are the benefits of mystery shopping? The surveys are designed to increase sales and customer satisfaction while identifying areas for improvement. In this way, performance comparisons can be made between sites and also between competitors in the simplest way possible. 



WHITEBOX generates together with you the suitable test scenario for each request - individual, personal and uncomplicated. From the definition of objectives, the development of questionnaires, the search for testers and the tester briefing, to a meaningful evaluation. An anonymous test person visits your store/location as a normal customer, asks for advice and takes a close look around. All observations are recorded in comprehensive questionnaires and field reports. For you, this means that you receive unadulterated, authentic and honest feedback within the shortest possible time. Immediate recommendations for action can be derived from these surveys. 

In order to be able to interpret the collected data and subsequently derive and implement measures, WHITEBOX is at your side as a competent partner. If you too want to know what your customers really think - then get anonymous honest feedback and learn more about your customers' buying motives!

 You can find all further information on the market research company Whitebox and on the topic of mystery shopping here here.