Advertising balance 2017 incl. total digital advertising (extrapolation)

For the first time, the entire online sector was included in the FOCUS advertising report.
With the support of IAB Austria in the questionnaire design, the
definition of online genres and, above all, in the extension of the
online reporters, it is possible for FOCUS to provide a valid estimate of the total market
for 2017.

The media mix on the Austrian advertising market thus shows after integration &.
Extrapolation of the online share of approx. 14 % or an estimated advertising volume of
of 577 million euros.

Mediasplit 2017

Gross advertising expenditures for Below and Above the Line increased by 6.5% to €5.528 billion.

Gross advertising expenditure in the traditional media increased by 4.6% to € 3.885 billion.
In the classic  (without online extrapolation), 50.1% of all gross advertising spend
to print, followed by TV with 29.6% and outdoor advertising with 7.3%.



Source: Media FOCUS Research GesmbH, gross ratings