The Power of We

The agency of the future builds on a good foundation. Erich Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Vice President of the Club of Rome, accepted Rainer Reichl’s invitation to the anniversary event in St. Wolfgang.

Silvia and Rainer Reichl founded the agency on September 1, 1988 – initially in a 12 m² office in Linz and a few weeks later in Vienna. Even back then they had the vision of creating an independent, holistic agency that would pack more of a punch than the international agency networks in Austria could ever do. And they succeeded! With more than 170 permanently employed specialists and generalists from all areas of communication, the REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency is now the largest and one of the top-performing full-service advertising agencies in Austria (source: medianet agency ranking 2018).

GESELLSCHAFT FÜR ERLEBNISMARKETING was founded in 1993 in conjunction with Rudi Lumetsberger. The agency is one of the most successful in the industry and operates worldwide. In the years that followed, other specialized agencies for media, PR, digital and social media communication emerged. “We are big enough to handle complex tasks yet small enough to provide a personalized service for our clients,” is the motto of the REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency. In addition to the address at Franz-Josefs-Kai 47 in Vienna, the advertising professionals last year set up the largest location of any agency in Austria – in a 2,500 m² space in Linz’s new Promenaden Galerien.

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker talks to Andreas Obrecht

“Conversation about the future of the world.” It’s down to us now. What we need to change if we want to stay. A new enlightenment.

Rainer Reichl talks to Ben Krischke

“It all started with three shoe stores and 40,000 flyers.”

Rudi Lumetsberger talks to Ben Krischke

“25 years of experiential marketing. What are we doing differently?”

Rainer Reichl talks to Ben Krischke

“The first key accounts and clients for whom REICHLUNDPARTNER particularly enjoys working.”

Greetings from Jane Goodall

“A celebrity greeting”

Rudi Lumetsberger talks to Ben Krischke

“Travel and sustainability – how do they fit together?’

Rainer Reichl talks to Ben Krischke

“Rainer Reichl up close and personal on the most difficult period in his life.”

Rainer Reichl talks to Ben Krischke

“Rainer Reichl on the agency of the future.”

Rainer Reichl and Rudi Lumetsberger in conversation with Ben Krischke

“On the future of our world.”

Rainer Reichl and Rudi Lumetsberger say thank you.


Österreichs Marketingprofis küren REICHLUNDPARTNER zur Nummer 1!

2 x Gold, 2 x Silber und 2 x Bronze bei den Medianet Xpert Awards

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