Fringe Benefits

Our Human Resources Management has been thinking about what we can do to make each individual feel even more comfortable at RUP. In the process, we came across a few interesting benefits that should also give all team members, the so-called “RUPs”, a little joy.

We don’t want any flash in the pan.

Grow through interesting tasks

We think long-term. Probably one of the reasons we have developed so well in more than 3 decades is that we have always seen it as our task to recognize talent, promote it and help it develop. In general, we see the “RUPs” as long-term co-creators and, if you like, we have never left our start-up phase.


Our corporate culture is unique.

We want everyone to feel comfortable with us.

We achieve this through a very pleasant working atmosphere and close interdisciplinary cooperation.

We work where urban life happens.

Agency location in the city

Our agencies are all located in the heart of the city, surrounded by shopping, restaurants and parks. This makes for a pleasant lifestyle.


Prevention is the best medicine.

Free health check at the deaconesses

Deaconess Private Clinic is a leader in comprehensive health care. Every employee receives this comprehensive check, worth around 700 euros, free of charge every two years. Because prevention is the best medicine. By the way, this check is done during working hours, you don’t have to take a vacation day for it.


Personal, medical care

Much more than occupational health services

The company doctor visits our agencies regularly and is also available to everyone individually. We are certainly unique in the area of health care. We are concerned with maintaining long-term health and taking precautionary action.


We want to play it safe.

Free vaccinations also for influenza & co

All measures that strengthen the health of our teams are supported. These vaccinations are free of charge and are administered by our company doctor. We want to protect our team of 170 employees.


Small snacks keep your spirits up.

Fruit and snacks

The vitality of our teams is very important to us. And that’s why there should be no shortage of snacks. Among other things, there are regularly handmade granola bars from our customer “True Love”, fresh fruit and chocolate.


We ensure a smooth workflow.

Free coffee, tea, drinks …

Whether it’s fruit juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee, our Drapers Bar offers that and so much more. Thus, we have a rich selection of sparkling wine, wine, gin, whiskey, vodka and rum for smaller and larger celebrations. Generally speaking, booze is not necessarily good for your health. We do not want to tempt anyone. Enjoy with responsibility.


We want the food to be enjoyed as well.

Eating at the table is expressly permitted. ­čśŐ

From 12:00 to 14:00, you can also eat at your own table, in empty conference rooms and at the bars. There are also some kitchens in our agency. And in the vicinity of our agency locations you will find nice restaurants with outdoor seating and a few take-aways.


Joint barbecue

Private terrace with luxury gas grill

And yes, our terrace is available to all and always. Smaller barbecue parties can also be held here on your own initiative.

We do not want to promote smoking.

Smoking rooms

For our smokers, however, we have created beautiful places to make smoking enjoyable nonetheless. Less and enjoyable may also be more. In general, however, it is probably better not to smoke.


We promote fitness.

Fitness Grant

The fitness of our teams is very important to us. At the Linz location, the fitness studio is even located in the building. 20% discount we receive from the studio operator, 30% financing subsidy comes from the agency. Thus, this gym costs only half. We promote the remaining studios with 30% fitness subsidy.


The perfect journey by bike

Own bike cellar and shower

But we also want to make it as comfortable as possible for our cyclists. Bikes are charged and safely stored in a locked bike cellar equipped with air pump & power outlets. And there are shower rooms and also boxes for clothes free of charge. So that you can set off fresh and lively after your arrival by bike.


The ticket for all public transport

50% funding for climate ticket

We support sustainable thinking and action and thus also public transport. Attention: possible commuter allowances will be lost.


For the well-traveled

50% financing for your own underground parking space

Many “RUPs” come from far away. Individual travel is often essential. That is why we are happy to finance underground parking spaces at 50%. Existing agreements remain in effect.


Electric stations in the underground car park

Convenient charging of e-cars

Linz AG charging stations are available for our employees in Linz for a fee.

We like to celebrate parties.

Christmas party

Our annual Christmas parties are legendary. After the Covid-related interruptions, there should now be celebrations again. We have reserved the Scalaria at the Wolfgangsee for this year. Who wants can bring his partner. And who wants can stay overnight in the Scalaria and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in St. Wolfgang. Buses are available for the rest.


Smaller events

Company outings, events

Instead of larger outings, smaller events are planned, pandemic permitting, such as a golf taster day with David, our accounting pro.

We are always open to suggestions ­čśŐ.

Continuous professional development

AdAcademy for further education

Learning is the basis of our success. As part of the AdAcademy, there are written AdTalks, videos, trainings, lectures, opportunities to participate in professional events and, time and again, literature tips.


Reading educates

50% subsidy for technical literature

We support the purchase of technical literature at 50%.


Perfect timing


To allow for free time management, we have reduced our core working hours, when everyone should be present, to the minimum necessary. Thus, there is a maximum of freedom.


Working from home

Home Office

Depends on the respective area of work and is also possible in some areas. In general, the advantages of teamwork in our wonderful office space outweigh the disadvantages for us. Apart from that, commuting allowances are lost for legal reasons, which is not always beneficial.


The most important thing

We look forward to spending many hours together.

We are all looking forward to many good, shared hours, creative, inspiring conversations and simply to a nice togetherness also away from work. Because that’s what makes our corporate culture really valuable.

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