Crispy meets creamy -
the new Oreo Fresh Milk snack


Good news for all Oreo fans: From now on, the new Oreo Fresh Milk snack will ensure plenty of fresh enjoyment in the refrigerated section - all over Europe. The cool snack was launched by TSC, The Chilled Snack Company, the specialist in the development, production and marketing of chilled snacks. And proud companion at the product launch was of course ... REICHLUNDPARTNER.

A fluffy vanilla cream made from fresh whole milk, coated in a crunchy cocoa shell with crispy Oreo cookie pieces - the Oreo Fresh Milk snack proves that crunchy and creamy are not opposites. REICHLUNDPARTNER designed an attractive key visual for the delicious snack that skillfully showcases the benefits of the milk snack. Of course, the REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing website was also part of the product launch.
Work up an appetite? Then head straight to the nearest refrigerated section and try the Oreo Fresh Milk snack!

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