The maker of "Just do it" at Cannes Lions Festival

Joe Pytka has spent years shooting thousands of spots and films. He helped Pepsi win the Cola Wars, helped Apple become a business computer, put Nike together with the phrase "Just Do It," helped turn IBM around when everybody thought they were finished and put life back into "We bring good things to life" for GE.

He's shot Woody Allen, Faye Dunaway, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, John Lennon, Bo Jackson, Cindy Crawford, Marlon Brando, Eskimos in Alaska and the Red Army in Red Square.

He directed more Super Bowl spots than any other director in history and is a member of the Clio Hall of Fame, the One Show Hall of Fame, the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame and the New York Art Director's Hall of Fame and the Director's Guild of America gave him its special HONORS AWARD.

  Cannes Lions has honored him as one of the best directors of the first fifty years of the festival. Today, a conversation with Chris Wall about how much fun he's had along the way.