Shakira's World Cup song "La La La" is in first place on the viral video charts.

Due to major events such as the World Cup, the Winter Olympics or the Superbowl, the density of viral advertising clips in the first six months of the current year is high. But which of these spots were shared the most often. The moving image platform Unruly has created a ranking and determined the top ten viral videos.

The first place was won by Activia and Shakira with the World Cup song "La La La". With a total of 4.7 million shares on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and blogs, the video is the undisputed leader. Second place goes to "Devil Baby Attack" by New York-based agency Thinkmodo, which made it to 2.1 million shares. Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial "Puppy Love" follows close behind with 1.9 million shares. (as)


Here are the top ten:


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