Especially in difficult economic times, good ideas are needed to promote growth - all the more reason for the agency to rely on specialized units.

REICHLUNDPARTNER is one of the most powerful agencies in Austria and now invites companies to grow together. Growth is important to the agency - and not just in an economic sense. Under the motto "good things continue to grow," the agency has already planted 1,000 trees, adding three for every new contact inquiry.

Trees are among the most powerful tools against climate change. They captureCO2 from the atmosphere, store the carbon and provide

a habitat for many species. To draw attention to the campaign, potential new customers received a climate-neutral direct mailing - by post. The agency deliberately went for a haptic advertising medium because, especially in digital times, it's nice when not everything is digital.

"Good continues to grow" has another meaning. Especially in economically difficult times, good ideas are needed. This is taken care of by REICHLUNDPARTNER's specialist units for advertising, digital marketing, media planning, public relations, social media and event marketing, as well as the newly founded think tank for business model innovation. Through its specialized units, the agency provides companies with many opportunities to sustainably increase their competitiveness and continue to grow.