On October 17, 2011, our long-standing customer Intersport eybl opened the most modern sports store in the world: the first eybl World store in Vienna-Vösendorf. The opening campaign for this came from Reichl und Partner.

" Our goal here was to convey the special sports experience that awaits you in the new eybl World store. Curiosity. And above all, to make tangible the sporting passion that lives in every single eybl consultant", Rainer Reichl explains the approach of his creatives.


Rainer Reichl, CEO Reichl and Partner

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Strong campaign for the opening of the eybl World store in Vösendorf!
Under the campaign motto "Experience sports like never before", Reichl und Partner designed radio and TV commercials that express in a very striking - but at the same time very emotional - way what the new eybl World store has to offer its customers.

In the TV commercials you can see sports objects pulsating like a powerful heart full of passion. On the radio, commercials that appeal to all our senses lead up to the theme, ultimately also resulting in a strong, powerful heartbeat.

Already in the run-up to the opening, excitement and curiosity were built up by means of teaser spots on radio and television. Spots at the opening then ensured the desired frequency at the POS. The campaign was communicated via all channels - from classic advertising to direct marketing and online measures.