The template portal provides answers to burning, labor law questions.

The template portal for labor law and payroll accounting stands for quality, performance, service and effectiveness and was thus rightly awarded the HIPE AWARD and the Constantinus Award in 2021. REICHLUNDPARTNER supports the company in placing publicity-relevant topics in the media. Especially in times of crisis, journalists need more than ever support for their research work from reputable contacts - and they need it quickly and competently. For this reason, the template portal makes its know-how on labor law and payroll accounting available to them in an uncomplicated manner and free of charge.

The template portal is a constantly growing database and currently contains more than 1,400 templates and sample texts for all areas of payroll accounting and labor law, in particular for: remuneration agreements, remuneration in kind, working time, flexitime, part-time work, sick leave, vacation, maternity leave, maternity leave, parental part-time work, interns, apprentices, teleworking, transfers, terminations, dismissals and much more. In short: everything that HR managers need from the time employees join the company to the time they leave. 

Special emphasis is placed on extreme topicality, so that the topics are always cutting-edge and up to date with the latest legal situation. "In some cases, we work like a daily newspaper in order to be able to quickly provide the necessary know-how. The templates must also comply one hundred percent with the currently valid legal requirements. Templates are often created by the next day or the day after that," say uni sono's two managing directors of the template portal, Rainer Kraft and Birgit Kronberger, MBA. "There is no end in sight to the amount of text, as there are always new ideas and topics," Kronberger reports. The most recent example is the Corona pandemic. The tools for communicating with the media are interviews, guest commentaries, FAQs and podcasts on topics such as home office, short-time work bonus, compulsory vaccination in the workplace, rules of the game in the vacation law, stricter 3G controls in the catering industry, etc. 

It is important to the management that templates remain simple and understandable even for non-lawyers. In addition, the template portal offers professional newsletters and webinars on the most important changes in labor law and payroll accounting to quickly and easily stay up-to-date. The breadth of the range with selected know-how is not topped by any competitor in Austria.

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