(M)ad Man - Rainer Reichl

REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur is one of the few remaining owner-managed agencies in Austria. With more than 170 employees, the family business successfully holds its own against international networks.

Austrian Family Business was a guest of Rainer Reichl, founder and CEO of one of the most successful agency groups in the country. Just recently, Rainer Reichl was honored with the Award of Xcellence 2018 by the industry magazine medianet for outstanding management performance. That's why we interviewed the boss himself about how his agency has been able to develop so successfully for 30 years now.

Austrian FAMILY BUSINESS: Mr. Reichl, what actually makes your agency so successful?

Rainer Reichl: We sustainably strengthen our customers' competitiveness through intelligent strategies and creations. This is our value proposition to all our customers. That is why we have created one of the most powerful agency groups in Austria, which is unique in its kind: a holistic full-service agency with the background of a creative agency, media agency, digital agency, social media agency, PR agency and event agency. Furthermore, our agencies are located in Vienna as well as in Linz. This puts us closer to the market than any other Austrian agency.

Austrian FAMILY BUSINESS: You often describe your agency as a "customized agency". What is that exactly?

Rainer Reichl: Our structure allows customers to decide whether they want to work with us holistically and take advantage of the full spectrum of our service offering, or whether they only want to pick out parts of it - for example, the digital area. But always with the possibility of being able to fall back on other areas if the worst comes to the worst. In this way, we manage to develop an optimal support concept for each of our numerous customers, while keeping it dynamic. In addition, there is a high level of consulting, goal-oriented creativity and smooth job processing. All in all, this makes us an interesting partner for all entrepreneurially minded people.


Austrian FAMILY BUSINESS: The agency location at Franz-Josefs-Kai 47 in Vienna is considered one of the most beautiful in the industry. But now you've gone one better and created the largest agency location in Austria in Linz on 2,500 m2. Why all this?

Rainer Reichl: We want to offer our highly specialized creative and knowledge workers the best jobs in the industry and support them wherever we can - so that they can develop their talents to the best of their abilities and grow personally and professionally. In this way, we achieve a high level of personal responsibility, self-confidence and personal fulfillment. We do not use freelancers at all. Instead, we strive for long-term cooperation with all our employees. This creates continuity and identification, but also strengthens team orientation, our performance and competence - and thus our economic productivity.

Austrian FAMILY BUSINESS: Your agency is one of the few that is still owner-managed. What does that mean for your customers?

Rainer Reichl: We meet our customers at eye level. Entrepreneurial thinking is as much a part of this as empathy. It is important for us to get to know not only the customer, but also his vision, strategic considerations and the people involved. Conversely, it is also interesting for our clients to see what competencies we offer as an agency and what people work in our interdisciplinary teams. We therefore like to invest time in joint workshops. Here we find out in which direction our clients would like to develop the future brand presence as well as the resulting communication strategy of their company and brand. This shows that as the largest agency in the country, we have managed to still be small enough to provide individual attention to our customers. All this sets us apart from the big agency multinationals. And I am very proud of that.



(M)ad Man Rainer Reichl in an interview with Austrian FAMILY BUSINESS