Inspirations for your home – directly from Lederleitner

A passionate designer of both interior and exterior spaces, Lederleitner showcases creative and design expertise in its unique stores. Lederleitner is the companion for well-being in every situation. He awakens longings and inspires us. Lederleitner is a style expert, a curator, a guide and a source of ideas for living.

REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital has taken over the conception and creation for the new Lederleitner online world.

The result is an online store for the beautiful things of everyday, but not everyday life. Just as visitors to Lederleitner stores are accustomed to, the new online store also offers design ideas for the outdoors and aesthetically sophisticated, contemporary home decor for the interior.

The eCommerce store is intended to reflect the entire Lederleitner world on the Internet. A digital castle modeled on the Walpersdorf branch is thus being built. Usability is the main focus here, the online store should be as easy to use as possible, for old and young. After the target groups are diverse, the site should be optimized for desktop,tablet and mobile in the best possible way to create an exceptional experience on any device.

Curiosity aroused? Discover the online world of Lederleitner right now & get inspired by new ideas for your home!

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