In 14 days to the perfect online store - with REICHLUNDPARTNER digital agency - the new online store full of beneficial care products of natural origin.
High-quality oils, balms and many other products from akari can now be ordered conveniently from home - thanks to the new online store, for which REICHLUNDPARTNER was responsible for conception, design, texting and programming.
The term akari is Japanese and means "light". In this respect, it stands to reason that akari's focus is on returning to nature. The production of the numerous products, in which only natural ingredients are found, is based on the ancient knowledge of our culture. Akari's mission is to balance the body through alchemy-based cosmetics, color and sound therapies.
The akari online store offers a large selection of diverse products, which are divided into clearly structured categories and subcategories with informative descriptions. This makes it easy to keep track of everything when searching for the ideal care.

The fact that akari focuses on naturalness when it comes to positioning is reflected not only in the products, but also in the design and intuitive usability of the online store. The online store offers differentiated prices for end customers and resellers and has a fully integrated affiliate marketing system. All this was designed and implemented by REICHLUNDPARTNER in only 2 weeks.
The managing director of akari, Harald Koytek, is enthusiastic about the result: "The fact that our online store was up and running within 14 days is incredible. I felt super taken care of and say thank you for the great and professional cooperation!"
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