After a year of "convalescence leave", Rainer Reichl is back in the agency business. "After 30 weeks of antibody and chemotherapy and four surgeries, I'm doing well again and have a chance to get back to full health," Rainer Reichl said. Mentally and also physically stronger than ever, he has become keen to continue driving the strategic and creative development of his successful agency.

The new agency location in Linz is a strong sign of the agency's vitality. The Group's management team was able to develop the company qualitatively and quantitatively during the absence of its founder. But what exactly is in and behind REICHLUNDPARTNER? What is its secret? For this purpose, medianet asked agency founder Rainer Reichl for an interview.

medianet: So what makes REICHLUNDPARTNER so successful?
Rainer Reichl: We have been guided by a strong vision from the very beginning. REICHLUNDPARTNER was founded in 1988 with the vision of becoming one of the most powerful and efficient agencies in the German-speaking region. In Austria we have made it, in Germany and Switzerland we still have a lot to do. Our 170 permanently employed 'creative and knowledge workers' include generalists and specialists from all areas of marketing communications. Each unit has an independent management team, and the entire Group is managed in a team-oriented manner.

medianet: As a customer, what can I expect?
Reichl: We sustainably increase the competitiveness of our customers. We support business enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals to strengthen their competitiveness and thereby achieve sustainable success through goal-oriented, creative and networked communication, in particular through strategy, creation and project management.

Our clients include well-known national and international companies from all industries; we are particularly interested in all entrepreneurial people and companies. Among other things, we operate our own competence centers for Retail&eCommerce, Services, FMCG, Consumer Goods and B2B Communication.

medianet: You spoke of 'creative and knowledge workers'. That sounds exciting. What do you mean by that exactly?
Reichl: We offer the best jobs in our industry and thus get the best employees. REICHLUNDPARTNER already offers creative and knowledge workers in the field of marketing communications the best jobs in the industry. We encourage our highly specialized 'creative and knowledge workers' to develop their talents to the best of their abilities and to grow personally and professionally in order to achieve a high level of personal responsibility, independence, self-confidence, competence, high performance, economic productivity, empathy, team orientation, identification and personal fulfillment.

In doing so, we strive for long-term cooperation. We deliberately avoid freelancers because you cannot develop a sustainable corporate culture with freelancers.

medianet: It had and still has the impression that you were or are a nose length ahead of other agencies. What is your secret?
Reichl: We have always anticipated future developments in good time. Thus, we were one of the first agencies to establish our own agencies for web development and social media. We also broke new ground in the field of live communications with our investment in Gesellschaft für Erlebnismarketing. We see the future of communication not in 'either-or' but in 'and'. Ultimately, it's about the holistic interplay of analog, digital and live communication. Regardless of the communication channel, for us as a creative agency it will always be about developing strategies and ideas that are interesting, fit the brand and the target group and are suitable for a longer campaign duration.

medianet: Your slogan is 'We are big enough for complex tasks and small enough for individual customer care'. So big and small at the same time?
Reichl: That's right, we are big enough for complex tasks and small enough for individual customer care. At our core, we always want to remain a small, very competent, personally managed agency that works close to the customer and their needs.

The fact is that the economic upswing, our two Austrian locations, which allow us to operate close to our customers, and our holistic way of thinking are bringing us a lot of popularity at the moment. We are developing sustainably, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as evidenced not only by the recent international awards.