That's where the prices come down.

Support since 2015 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency Vienna

Distribution area of the last campaign: Vienna


Initial situation

If only he can stand it, at that price!

ZGONC is known throughout Austria for hammer offers and top advice. In Vienna in particular, a comprehensive OOH campaign is designed to help the specialist store for tools, machinery, construction and garden equipment achieve greater visibility and boost sales.


Hardselling with punch.

Based on the insight that the best argument for a big sensation is a small price, the campaign price of two advertised products was brought into focus in powerful, aesthetic subjects.


A clear statement with a little humor

The prize – the main actor of the campaign – is crushed with the ZGONC article, which is the subject of the subject. The project included poster bags for the Kronen Zeitung newspaper, streetcar wraps, rolling boards, city lights, 16- and 24-sheet posters, poster lights and info screens.