Brand variety at the best price

Support since 2009 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria, Germany


Initial situation

The opticians with the “very good” rating

In the independent consumer study, UNITED OPTICS was the only company in Austria to receive the overall rating VERY GOOD! UNITED OPTICS is an association of leading Austrian and German opticians who guarantee their customers the perfect, individual vision solution. Founded in 1993, the umbrella brand stands for the successful symbiosis of the highest international standards and regional support.


Competence and emotion

Detached from old thought patterns, REICHLUNDPARTNER developed a brand identity that expresses the competencies of UNITED OPTICS in a modern and stylish way. Lively people in everyday situations convey a positive mood, while consistent “Your/Our” wording speaks directly and personally to customers. The individual motifs and headlines are tailored to the different target groups and large glasses are always used as a recognition feature. Passion for the field, an individual approach to each customer, and the security of an unrivaled offer – these core values of UNITED OPTICS are communicated in all advertising materials.


Individual communication under one roof

A stringently designed media mix ensures an effective brand presence – from flyer magazine to radio and trend film to online promotion. The field of hearing acoustics is served via a separate track tailored to the target group. Thus, speech bubbles with a wink call for a hearing test.
The advertising materials are designed to present the values of the umbrella brand and the individual communication of the individual regional partners in a harmonious combination and can be easily adapted depending on the partner.

Radio spot test winner

Radio commercial optical sunglasses

Radio spot Hearing analysis at Miller UNITED OPTICS