Black is back

Care since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Upper Austria

Initial situation

New season, new start, new campaign

The start of the 2021/22 ice hockey season should be a veritable fresh start for the Linz club Steinbach Black Wings. After some restructuring, the club wants to demonstrate to the outside world that deep enthusiasm for the sport of ice hockey, genuine closeness to the fans and identification with the steel city of Linz continue to inspire the Steinbach Black Wings to the highest degree. REICHLUNDPARTNER has developed a high-impact campaign for this purpose.


Ice hockey as pure emotion

– That’s why REICHLUNDPARTNER puts people at the center of the campaign: players and fans presented themselves in close-up against a black background in the course of a shooting and now look confidently into the future. On the one hand, the color scheme fits the club name, on the other hand it symbolizes the new start. The subjects alternately show only one player or one player and one fan each to illustrate the cohesion. The slogan “Black is Back!” also has the makings of a new battle cry.


Black is back!

The club tradition is also upheld in the implementation: At the end of August, REICHLUNDPARTNER co-organized a big kick-off event with player introductions and a raffle in the new Linzerie. The fans were already able to get a taste of ice hockey. The event was promoted with LED wall, website header, social media posting and advertisement in the new design. During the current season, further advertisements, posters and social media and online measures will follow. Also new: autograph cards and sponsor folders.