Good stuff. Good stuff.

Care since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area: Upper Austria

Initial situation

From old to new

Since its foundation in 2009, the ReVital brand of the OÖ. State Waste Association has proven its worth: Under this name, used items in good condition are collected, refurbished in qualified social employment initiatives and finally resold at favorable prices in the ReVital stores. A redesign of the logo and brand identity is intended to further increase awareness of this ecologically and socially sustainable cycle and sales figures.


The cycle in focus

Even the old logo had an arrow integrated as a reference to the idea of circulation. We have adopted this into the new logo, which features a sympathetic, modern font and a soft green color scheme. We based the claim on the catchy play on words “Good things. Good stuff.” which also briefly outlines what ReVital is all about. The cycle symbol is also reflected in the subjects, which always show the variety of items collected and sold.


Colorful, memorable and likeable

With new outdoor signs, ceiling hangers, totem airs and posters, ReVital’s collection and sales points have an inviting, friendly outfit. Posters and advertisements draw attention and briefly explain what ReVital is all about. Depending on the area (collection, sale or collection box), the promotional materials are in different cheerful colors. Last but not least, we also animated an explainer video that illustrates the cycle in an entertaining way.

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