Supervision since 2020 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Initial situation

New umbrella brand Raiffeisen Invest Private Equity

Raiffeisen Upper Austria has been an active player in equity and mezzanine capital financing for more than 25 years and has invested over 500 million euros in more than 250 companies during this period. As Austria’s leading investment companies, Raiffeisen Oberösterreich’s funds were bundled under the umbrella brand Raiffeisen Invest Private Equity and were to be given a new, common appearance. REICHLUNDPARTNER was allowed to take over this task.


Modern and futuristic design

Raiffeisen Invest Private Equity funds are strong and long-term partners for companies in situations requiring additional equity capital. REICHLUNDPARTNER has also taken this competence into account in the design of the logos and printed materials as well as the website. The blue tones of Raiffeisen Oberösterreich are used uniformly and, in combination with a modern, clear font, are woven into a forward-looking design. An authentic imagery taken from life stands for the reliability and sustainability, but also the flexible and individual elaboration of the financing strategies. In addition to basic information on the funds, the website conveys a representative picture of Raiffeisen Invest Private Equity’s pragmatic way of working by emphasizing customer references as well as contact persons.



Various printed matter and advertising material

Starting with the logo design, the professionals at REICHLUNDPARTNER created printed materials such as business cards and letterhead, PPT template and a user-friendly, visually appealing website. The design guidelines are summarized in a practical CD manual. Custom design for custom financing!