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Initial situation

50 years BAUHAUS

BAUHAUS Austria celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. This has to be celebrated accordingly – and with a big raffle in which there are vouchers worth a total of 50,000 euros to be won! REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising, Digital and Media implemented this with the creation of a holistic campaign and the development of a dedicated landing page.


Well done wins!

With the competition BAUHAUS would like to bring the craftsmen of the country before the curtain. REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising took on the creation of the entire campaign and developed the motto “Well done wins”, which invites anyone with manual skills to join in. In order to generate a high level of attention for the sweepstakes, REICHLUNDPARTNER deliberately dispensed with classic craftsman subjects and instead showed illustrated craftsman professionals, which made for a real eye-catcher.

BAUHAUS 50 Jahre
BAUHAUS 50 Jahre


BAUHAUS 50 years spot 1

BAUHAUS 50 years spot 2


A complete success

REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising took on the creation of 24-sheet posters, a kick-off flyer page, POS posters and ceiling hangers, online banners and online clips, which REICHLUNDPARTNER Online Media booked in, as well as the conception and production of two radio spots, which REICHLUNDPARTNER Media ideally placed.

REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital designed and programmed the sweepstake landing page in a very short time, where participants can submit their works via upload and marvel at them in their own craftsmen’s gallery.

The success of this campaign is already becoming apparent: in the first week of the competition, BAUHAUS already received several hundred entries from all over Austria. That builds up!

BAUHAUS online banner