Support since 2018 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

At home in many areas

The Ottenstein Estate, located in Waldreichs Castle, is one of the leading farms in the Waldviertel region and is active in a wide variety of areas: the estate includes not only forestry, but also organic farming, organic pond management and reservoir fishing. It is also home to the headquarters of the Windhag Scholarship Foundation for Lower Austria, which focuses on education. REICHLUNDPARTNER has developed a brand new corporate design for the Ottenstein Estate.


Noble and atmospheric

The new appearance of Gut Ottenstein is just as noble as the purpose of the foundation. Gold and a dark anthracite gray are the predominant colors that make the design look particularly high-end. In the imagery, special attention is paid to atmospheric aesthetics: Unusual perspectives and lighting conditions show off the motifs to their best advantage.


Numerous print

In addition to the corporate design, REICHLUNDPARTNER implemented a wide variety of printed materials for the Ottenstein estate: Business cards, pads, stamps and more. The new folder about the Wildfang is also from our house. And a photo shoot of Gut Ottenstein was also on the agenda to show the castle and surrounding lands in all their glory.