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Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

From glass to cardboard

Müller Glas is an Austrian family business with over 100 employees and a leading full-range supplier of packaging for homemade products. A wide variety of glass containers from wine to oil bottles, jars, closures, boxes, wooden caskets and various accessories paired with services such as printing, finishing or customization – the offer is almost endless. We were asked by Müller Glas to develop a positioning that takes account of the company with all its facets and to bring this to life with a campaign.


Diversity at its best

In order to give Austrian producers – from winemakers to preserving fans – of homemade delicacies a better understanding of the enormous variety of products offered by Müller Glas, a subject showing a single product  is simply not enough. Therefore, we work with several split subjects, each of which combines two product worlds. What’s more, an expressive campaign claim that dramatizes this broad spectrum of products and services, is needed: “With us, everything is in it.”


Effectively combined

We combine containers of different product categories and put them together to form a new entity. Above them, two hands present the source material for the products inside the containers. In between, the headlines open up the range of the offer in an “whether-or” mechanism, which is then resolved by the claim. In addition to print subjects and an elaborately designed reference folder, REICHLUNDPARTNER is also responsible for website design, social media presence, videos with customer interviews and PR support.


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