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  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency

Distribution area of the campaigns: international

Initial situation

Two locations, one quality

The product White Top Kraftliner, a white, stronger paper for corrugated packaging solutions, is produced by Mondi at two different sites – the internationally better-known ProVantage Baywhite in South Africa, and the lesser-known ProVantage Komiwhite in Russia. However, both paper grades have the same excellent printing properties and thus the same quality. This benefit is to be advertised and, above all, proven in a B2B campaign.


The ace up the customer’s sleeve

Packaging producers have demands on paper that not every manufacturer meets. If more than one source can meet these requirements, this increases flexibility. This is exactly what Mondi makes possible, because the quality of ProVantage Komiwhite and ProVantage Baywhite is the same for the producer and available in both hemispheres. REICHLUNDPARTNER has found something that takes up this fact and – better yet – proves it on one and the same sheet: a playing card.


Royal freedom of choice

With the claim “Quality is king – no matter where it comes from.” a direct mailing in the form of a card game was developed and sent to existing customers. One deck printed on ProVantage Komiwhite, the other printed on ProVantage Baywhite – the difference: invisible. Analogous to this impressive idea, a making-of video of the playing card creation was produced for online and internal use as well as for use at trade fairs.

Making-of video

We made a making-of video documenting the creation of the card game – from the first sketches by the illustrator from Barcelona to the production of the cards in an Austrian print shop on the two different papers. In this way, we prove to the viewer that there is no visual difference in printability and quality of the end result between the two papers.


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