Support for Honda Austria since 2007
and over the years also for the countries Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency

Distribution area of the campaigns: Austria resp. countries listed above

Initial situation

It’s a Honda! – A quality feature that speaks volumes.

The name says it all: Power Products from Honda deliver full power. They are needed when mowing the lawn, cutting the hedge, clearing snow or even when a power outage has to be bridged. The advertising power for this is delivered by REICHLUNDPARTNER. The longstanding collaboration was launched in 2007 with a high-impact marketing campaign for several European markets.


The basic idea: stay relaxed with Honda.

Did we just say power? To be honest, REICHLUNDPARTNER went into the collaboration quite relaxed from the very beginning. But only on the outside! Because when you buy Honda Power Products, you want to make gardening easy. This central idea has run through all advertising measures ever since. REICHLUNDPARTNER has already designed several campaigns that visually interpret the “Relax” core in different ways.


From image campaigns to POS displays and matching T-shirts – a broad communications mix enhances the impact.

In addition to the model brochures, a flyer is published semi-annually, focusing on garden starts in the spring and snow removal in the winter. Individual address imprints on the front page of the flyers lead interested customers directly to their regional Honda dealer.