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Initial situation

Craftsmanship at the highest level.

Handmaker. Delightful. Honest. Handmade.
Handmacher manufactures handmade quality custom shoes in small series by master craftsmen. The wooden nailed men’s and women’s shoes get their perfect fit in more than 250 working steps. This craftsmanship is still very much appreciated today!


Programming of a new webshop.

Clearly following the motto: “Only those who move with the times can make progress”, the “Webshop” project was approached. The focus of the web project was to design a new, user-friendly and modern webshob.


Elegant as a pair of handmade.

REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital programmed a webshop in Responsive Design, which shows the variety of products as well as the possibility to order an individually composed shoe. For this purpose, a short image film was shot, which emotionalized the Handmacher brand.