Support since 2000 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Campaign type: Central Europe

Initial situation

Leading in the over-the-counter segment

Today, the Dr. Böhm brand is a leader in the over-the-counter segment. The quality and effect of the health products are paramount. Dr. Böhm, that’s 50 years of experience as a competent health expert.

Dr. Böhm guarantees high quality and the best formulations according to the latest nutritional science findings, and distribution is exclusively through pharmacies.


Strong brand umbrella

REICHLUNDPARTNER developed a common, strong brand umbrella for Dr. Böhm’s broad product range.

The individual products – over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements with a focus on herbal preparations – are promoted under this overarching brand identity.


Brand identity new

The newly designed brand presence ranges from a uniform packaging design, to the general print layout, to a comprehensive radio concept including a Dr. Böhm jingle.

In addition to numerous radio commercials, there are also more powerful TV commercials for the “Dr. Böhm” for use.

Dr. Böhm radio spot