Carver paradise sought, fun & action found with friends.

Supervision since 2020 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • SMC Social Media Communications

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

Vacation with dream scenery

Located on the most beautiful side of the Dachstein, the Dachstein West region offers carefree skiing on excellently groomed slopes in winter and relaxing, alpine hiking in the warmer seasons. In addition to the fantastic panorama and family-friendly offer, the region is characterized above all by the warm, family approach to guests. In order to ensure that the brand presence is not inferior to the offer of Dachstein West in terms of attractiveness, a gentle brand relaunch was conceived by REICHLUNDPARTNER and a harmonious transitional version of old and new was implemented for the winter season 2020/21.


Fun and relaxation with friends

The learned colors blue, white and pink, logo and imagery were kept and given a new shine. The starting point for this was the feeling of well-being that one experiences as a guest of the Dachstein West family: Therefore, exclamations such as “Yippie!”, “Juchu!” or “Wow!” are centrally placed in pink on each of the subjects that stage the experience of the high alpine Dachstein panorama. The wording “sought – found among friends” emphasizes the unique family hospitality that can be found in all 8 ski areas of the region. These elements are also found in the radio and TV commercials, creating a consistent line across all advertising media.

Logo redesign

Bruno’s mountain world

We have revised the logo for the popular children’s land Brunos Bergwelt. The mascot’s costume was then redesigned to match the logo – and can really be seen!


Activation on all channels

REICHLUNDPARTNER developed a number of central themes and, based on these, revised or redesigned advertisements, ski area folders, mailings and flyers, posters and other advertising materials. A current radio spot invites you to your favorite ski resort with friends just as spiritedly as the revised TV spot. For all participating businesses and hotels, there is individual application with their own videos and social media postings. So: off into the skiing fun!

Radio spot