Care since 2019 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • SMC Social Media Communications

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

A new concept

kulinario® operates several commercial and company kitchens, canteens, staff restaurants as well as cafés and offers fresh food to people in schools, kindergartens and retirement homes. With the new concept kulinario® eat.enjoy.explore. the company wanted to combine restaurant, take-away, store and cooking school under one roof in Linz’s Herrenstrasse and spoil its guests with healthy delicacies.


A tasty CD

The new gourmet center kulinario® eat.enjoy.explore. gets its own corporate design that stands out from the canteen kitchen operator and caterer kulinario®. An essential part of the communication appearance is the appealing logo and the corresponding color scheme. The latter must be developed in such a way that they fit in with all the offers of kulinario® eat.enjoy.explore. fits Another task is the design and filling of the website.


The eye eats with you

The REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency wrote the text for the website and also designed the specially designed labels for the products in the kulinario® eat.enjoy.explore. Store available bottles and packages that contain excellent sugos, crunches and more.