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Distribution area of the campaign: International

Initial situation

Strong brand for a strong employer

Constantia Flexibles is an international manufacturer of packaging solutions for the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries. Having already counted the pharmaceutical sector among our clients, the company also asked us to develop an employer branding campaign for the entire Group that positions Constantia Flexibles as an attractive employer.


Develop your talent

The first task was to distill an employer value proposition from the assets contained in the brand layers (the company’s own brand model) – such as the company values, insights, etc. – in a joint process and in the next step, to translate this into an employer branding claim:

Unwrap your talent. Shape the world.

We finally brought this to life with a comprehensive campaign directed both inward and outward.


Shape the world of tomorrow

The developed claim perfectly casts the central messages in form. After all, the packaging industry is all about protecting valuable products such as food or medicines from environmental influences and preserving them as sustainably as possible. With its packaging, Constantia Flexibles makes an important contribution to society and thus helps to shape the world. This mission gives existing as well as potential employees the opportunity to develop their talent on the job.

This is exactly the aspect we dramatized and staged with existing employees and the materials mainly used by the company. In doing so, the employees look at the viewer through openings in these materials – thus the subjects appear as if they had actually unpacked themselves and thus, symbolically speaking, their talent.

As part of the campaign, numerous key visuals, job ads, posters, a story booklet plus welcome folder, various giveaways, a trade show display, diverse online and social media advertising materials, and a dedicated manifesto video were created.


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