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Distribution area of the campaign: D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and selected markets in Eastern Europe

Initial situation

Leading in residual values

CARTV is one of the leading salvage exchanges in Europe. Residual value is the price at which an accident-damaged car can still be sold. CARTV determines this with the help of professional traders who can submit bids on an online portal. If the owner agrees, the vehicle is sold, with CARTV handling the entire transaction process. Thus, CARTV is a helpful partner for insurance companies and experts, but also for private persons.

As competition among salvage exchanges grows, our task was to define a strong brand positioning from which a communications concept and new corporate identity were derived.


Service from A to Z

With insurance companies, appraisers, dealers and owners, CARTV has to address many different audiences, all with different needs. What they all have in common? With CARTV, they benefit benefit from complete sales processing; this is a real USP. However, the smooth sales process would not be possible without the people behind it. Because even if CARTV determines residual values for cars that are partially unroadworthy, the following applies to the employees: We are unstoppable. This credo is now the brand’s new claim.


The value-added exchange among the salvage exchanges

The fact that CARTV has more to offer than the competition is also reflected in the headlines: because CARTV is the value-added exchange among the salvage exchanges and goes the extra mile for its customers – even when they are sitting down. Visually, we always work with 3 images from the automotive industry that support the headlines.

Specifically, a new website (from design to programming), print materials (business cards, flyers, ads), giveaways and materials for the launch event were implemented. To present the USP of the new brand, a film was also shot and shown at the CARTV Forum.


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