We engage in an offensive dialogue and bring topics and companies into the conversation – and we are not afraid to enter into honest and pretty critical discourse with our clients. There are already lots of yes-men out there and we’re not going to join them.

Corporate PR

We act as a sparring partner for boards, CEOs and management. We develop concepts for business press conferences, trade broadcasts and in-depth background interviews. The right subject setting and well thought-out storytelling provide the basis for this. It allows us to communicate on an equal footing with the relevant media, stakeholders and the general public.

Brand PR

We see ourselves as bridge builders between companies and journalism. Our task is to charge brands in such an exciting way that news value is generated for the media. We develop messages, work out the brand and product personality and have ambassadors appear for the brand. In both conventional media and social media. This is how images are created in people’s minds; this is how people understand the way the company thinks as well as its products and services.

Product PR

Conveying emotionally charged messages via product mailings, product presentations, interviews and events makes our customers successful – and their products desirable!

Lifestyle PR

We create the right stage for you and your products.
We organize events and trade fairs and rely on collaborations. Here we focus on one thing in particular – getting the right messages across. It’s easy to party once, but positioning yourself sustainably and embedding messages requires a lot more. With a clear strategy and the right feel for trends and relevant social groups, we come up with the right starting point for you.

Corporate social responsibility

Solidarity is more important now than ever. This also includes companies taking responsibility for social issues and causes. We advise and support our clients in the sensitive CSR dialogue with the target groups.

Employer branding PR

If you want to recruit and retain top talent, you need to define yourself as a strong employer brand. REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations works with you to develop employer branding strategies that have both an external and an internal impact. To this end, we work very closely with our customers, identify any weaknesses, leverage existing strengths and show differentiation potential. In the interests of a holistic approach, we always strive to integrate the employer branding strategy into the general brand communication as effectively as possible.

Crisis PR

Keeping calm is the top priority when something happens. And things can always happen! Then it’s a question of making the right decisions at the right time with the right people in the right place – based on experience and expertise. We develop scenarios, workshops and training courses for our clients, manuals and reasonings for emergency situations, as well as analyses of the status quo. In the event of a crisis, we are permanently at the disposal of our clients and support them 24×7 – for as long as is necessary.

Corporate publishing

Building stronger customer and employee loyalty to your company is a key task in communications. For this we use customer magazines, employee magazines, annual reports, websites, and content marketing in general – not only for retention purposes, but also for image building. If this also has boosts sales, then we have achieved our goals. What is essential in corporate publishing? Quality in design and content. Because nothing is more unprofessional than a cheap magazine.

PR coaching

We support our clients in their everyday professional and social lives with professionalism and confidence, providing media workshops, presentation techniques and a network of coaches.

Development and implementation of holistic PR strategies

Today, no company can do without PR. However, for this to be successful in the long term, the “how” is very important. REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations therefore works with conventional positioning methods that are prepared accordingly for the media. We maintain contact with top people at a national and international level. And not only when it comes to the media. Frequently, we are pioneers of great ideas, innovations and brands.

Project management

  • Seamless job processing
  • Cost management
  • Time management

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