You are creative, young and talented?

We let creative talents get a taste of advertising.

Our doors in Linz, Vienna and Graz are open to anyone with an appetite for creativity.

You don’t have to have attended advertising school or know the right people. Maybe you’ve been a member of a creative team or worked as an independent creative? Or you can’t decide whether you’d rather pursue the career of an art director or a copywriter? Either way, you are welcome to join us.

After a short check and a small exam, we offer you a six-month internship at REICHLUNDPARTNER in Linz, Vienna or Graz. During this time, you’ll work with experienced creatives on real client projects and get to show what you’re made of. After these six months, you will be able to show your own portfolio that also reflects your time with us. And who knows, maybe you’ll like it with us and have come to stay. You should also know that these 6 months are worth something to us and that is why we offer all interns 7 x 1,500 euros gross (including aliquot special payments) for 6 months of work and of course you also have 14 days of vacation. And if you only want to work a few months or fewer hours per week, there’s a solution for that, too.

A creative task for you.

Sounds interesting? It is.

Please just answer this question in whatever way you feel like: One in two Europeans runs the risk of developing cancer in the course of their lives. Private donations for more research are important. In addition, serious cancers can be prevented through early detection in the form of voluntary examinations by a physician.

How would you create awareness for this problem? There are no rules. An advertising idea, a song, a painting, a stunt, a fundraising idea, a scribble. Think about it and develop an idea how to solve this problem. How could you present the problem uniquely and simply and get the media to support your idea? And please also write us briefly what training and experience you have already enjoyed in the field of advertising and PR.

We look forward to receiving your application to

Invitation to get to know each other.


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