Olympic Games: Rio 2016

Across the country, 139 design agencies competed to design the Olympics and Paralympics identities. It was the dream project for every creative professional in Brazil; taking on the world’s most complex visual identity and coming up with brands that represented the marriage of the spirit of Olympics and Paralympics with the spirit of Rio.

This is the story Tatil Designing Ideas will tell; the stories behind the singular creative process that created two brands that will touch six billion people this summer.

It's the tale of the first three-dimensional brand identity in the history of the Games; a sculptural idea that has become part of an architecturally beautiful city and, in doing so, has integrated with local residents' daily lives.

It's the story of the first Paralympic multi-sensory brand; an idea that talks to the whole community, allowing them to fully experience and feel the brand. It's a new way to think about how graphic symbols can be more inclusive.

35 Jahre the Power of Happiness!

REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur feiert 35-jähriges Jubiläum sowie 30 Jahre Erlebnismarketing GmbH und 20 Jahre STUDIO E.

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