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Initial situation

Young company with many years of experience

WieWood was founded in 2008 under the name WPC-Technik IK as a development and trading company in Böheimkirchen. The company has many years of experience and great expertise in WPC development and production.

Since 2011, WPC products have been sold under the WieWood product brand. The product portfolio includes WPC decking boards as well as privacy screens and noise barriers. Through a strong brand positioning, WieWood is to become the leading WPC brand in Austria.


Top quality that withstands any weather

When you buy WieWood, you are choosing top quality from Austria that can withstand even the sometimes extreme weather conditions. This is the core message to be communicated through the brand identity.

Many years of experience of the WPC pioneer ensures in mature product. WieWood additionally generates the highest design demands and convinces with beautiful and exclusive collections. With Wiewood, the customer receives a complete, well thought-out system solution consisting of accessories, substructure, etc.


Up to our weather

The new brand addition “Outdoor Premium Quality” clearly communicates the positioning of the product and leads towards the product range without being restrictive. The claim “Up to our weather” further clarifies the positioning. The wording “our weather” emphasizes the Austria positioning.

The naturalness and environmental friendliness of the product are emphasized by the word “grown”. The visual language is sophisticated and design-oriented. The usual reference photos and product shots are deliberately avoided. Instead, WieWoo’s pride of ownership and/or durability will take center stage.

A wide-ranging mix of advertising media, including brochures, printed materials and an attractive new website, is designed to reach the target group – specialist retailers as well as private and business customers – in the best possible way.