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Initial situation

Bones are the future in the operating room.

Until recently, metal screws and plates were almost exclusively used to correct bone fractures and malpositions. These foreign bodies can cause additional complications and pain, almost always requiring removal in a second surgery. The Upper Austrian start-up surgebright puts an end to this with screws made of bone. The Shark Screw is recognized by the body as its own and fuses completely with its own bone. REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations supports the Lichtenberg start-up in public relations to communicate the genius idea and the excellent work to the outside world.


Bringing experts before the curtain.

In order to bring the startup’s professional and medical expertise to the forefront, we do not report on the successes of the Shark Screw, but let the doctors who successfully work with the bone screw speak for themselves.


Success Story in everyday life.

In cooperation with leading hospitals in Austria, we organized face-to-face meetings between the applying physicians and the leading media at each site. In this context, the advantages of the Shark Screw were highlighted and the successful work in the hospital was discussed. An excerpt of the great, media output can be found below.