Care since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations


Initial situation

Delivery Pioneer.

mjam is one of the largest platforms for food ordering in Austria. In early 2021, mjam began offering grocery and drugstore delivery as well with its mjam markets, the first provider to do so.

The market is wildly competitive, with lockdowns and exit restrictions adding significantly to this trend in 2020/2021.


Austria says mjam.

The image of mjam is to be further built up and strengthened, the company and its diverse services made tangible, the employer brand strengthened.

The measures are intended to “pick up” customers, restaurant partners, employees and suppliers emotionally – STORYTELLING


The No-Worries Package.

Through a colorful mix of PR measures, REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations handles all of mjam’s press activities. As an outsourced press office, we take care of:

  • Media inquiries
  • Regular press releases & events
  • Individual interviews
  • Participation in relevant events
  • Promotions