Support since 2018 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria, South Germany

Initial situation

Wenger fits.
Since 1920.

Wenger is one of the leading Dirndl manufacturers in the traditional costume industry. For around 100 years, the family business has stood for quality workmanship and perfect fit – but also for interesting new interpretations.


To each Dirndl his Dirndl

The starting point for the brand concept developed by REICHLUNDPARTNER was to make Wenger a “Love Brand” and to position it as the most interesting and attractive brand in the Dirndl sector. By modernizing the word-image brand and the new orientation Wie das Land, so seine Dirndl (Like the country, like its dirndls ), Wenger shows solidarity with dirndl wearers and communicates emotional closeness.


Like the land, like its dirndls

The image style of Wenger’s new image ads is high-quality, modern and has that certain something. The subjects convey a “feeling of home”, exude joie de vivre and show: Ladies in Wenger dirndls are uncomplicated, self-confident and sometimes a little cheeky.