Care since 2022 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Upper Austria

Initial situation

Vaccination is the only way out

There seems to be no end to the corona pandemic and the virus continues to mutate merrily. It is therefore particularly important to continue to raise awareness of the issue among the population in order to maintain or even increase vaccination coverage. Based on the recommendations of the national vaccination panel, the state of Upper Austria is therefore launching a vaccination campaign in time for the increasing number of cases in summer 2022, which we were allowed to design, develop and accompany – a task that is very close to our hearts!


What everyone thinks

To appeal to the vaccinated and unvaccinated, old and young, we looked for a common denominator that would unite the entire population with a wink: “Because Corona already bugs everyone.” We do not gloss over anything and clearly show that vaccination is the tried and tested means of countering the disease. With matching, expressive facial expressions, the models on the subjects we shoot catch the eye and cover the different target groups.


Well planned, well communicated

We are dividing the campaign into several phases to first call for information and vulnerable groups for booster vaccination. In the sequel, the focus is specifically on vaccination.

Since the effectiveness of a campaign increases with its breadth, we have also designed and put together advertising packages for the communities. In this way, the community benefits from a professional campaign that has already been implemented, while helping to strengthen its reach and effectiveness.


See, understand, act!

Visibility is the motto: The communications mix includes print, OOH posters and city lights, radio, TV and cinema, video walls, online and social media. Depending on the media preference of the target group, the appropriate subjects are used on the various channels. In this way, we achieve optimal attention – and guide the population to inform themselves about the facts on the website of the State of Upper Austria, and to calculate or book a vaccination appointment there.