Supervision since 2020 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: German-speaking region

Initial situation

Flexible forward-looking

Huber Reklametechnik is an international specialist for digital signage and large-format printing. With the MultiPromo, the company is setting a new standard for info terminals.

The new Outdoor Communicator can be equipped on both sides with poster holders, monitors or both in combination and is centrally recordable via the Internet. Retrofits are easily possible at any time.


Precisely efficient

MultiPromo has a broad target group, ranging from retailers to event organizers, location managers to municipalities, companies and outdoor advertising providers. These are addressed specifically, the advantages are communicated, and examples of use and benefits are given for the respective target group.


Strikingly shining out

The appearance designed by REICHLUNDPARTNER underlines the value and future orientation of the product. The initial contact communication medium is an oversized direct mail in the proportions of the MultiPromo.

Sent to the target groups, it prominently advertises the new Outdoor Communicator and also leads to the Huber homepage with the presentation of the new product integrated by REICHLUNDPARTNER as well as the invitation to make personal contact.