Support since 2012 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Type of support: global communication

Initial situation

Relaunch of the global brand presence

In recent years, FACC has become one of the world’s leading technology companies in the design, development and production of lightweight systems for the global aerospace industry.

Going beyond existing horizons characterizes the listed ATX company headquartered in Austria. Worldwide, an aircraft with FACC technology on board takes off every second.

The new brand identity is intended to express the company’s evolution and underline its positioning as a high-tech group that is actively shaping the mobility of the future.


Innovative strength & future orientation

The new brand identity will

  • communicates the company’s self-image and future orientation rationally and emotionally,
  • which conveys the company’s innovative strength, high-tech, sustainability and premium quality,
  • all target groups – customers, employees, labor market, investors, the public – addressed in a coordinated manner and
  • achieved with an optimized media mix: digital first, print on top, face to face.


Beyond Horizons

Based on the positioning, vision and corporate mission developed together with the company, REICHLUNDPARTNER designs the entire implementation: from visual and verbal appearance to digital and print communication to relaunch campaigns for customers and FACC’s globally active employees.