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  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising Agency
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Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

The newcomer to the banking sector

DADAT is a brand of Schelhammer Capital Bank AG and was a complete newcomer to the online banking sector. Our task was to successfully establish the bank on this highly competitive market with a comparatively limited marketing budget.

Radio commercial Paul’s wedding suit

Radio commercial Herbert & Maria


Honest draws best

We are positioning DADAT as a bank that doesn’t present itself in the way that people are used to in this sector. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with a thoroughly unseen world: state-of-the-art illustrations with a banknote look, portraying archetypal customers from the various sectors such as banking, savings and trading, meet crisp, honest statements that get to the heart of things. We use eye-catching wording that invites distribution because it is borrowed from the vernacular, communicates our assets and also prominently places the bank’s name on all advertising materials.


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Role models as presenters

In the statements, our role models from the various banking areas do not mince their words and clearly explain the advantages of DADAT to the viewer. In addition, visual elements superimposed on the illustrations show what potential customers of the respective banking division might gain from switching to DADAT.

Print advertising material

On each of the print subjects, one of our Role Models presents the advantages of DADAT from his point of view.


The key requirement for the website was a consistently optimal and brand-defining user experience on all devices. Especially in the area of stock exchange information, many banks offer very confusing information and functions that are complicated to use.
Here, DADAT took a refreshingly new approach with clear, easy-to-understand information that users can work well with.

In addition to current stock market information and general information pages, the website also offers stock market news with filtering according to various criteria, as well as a company blog whose articles can also be filtered.

Special advertising

An interactive Citylight – equipped with a motion detector as well as a loudspeaker – functions as a particularly attention-grabbing element in the out-of-home area: If a passer-by approaches the Citylight in the public transport waiting area, the motion detector reacts and activates the loudspeaker, via which the passer-by is addressed and requested to change the bench. To explain: The peculiarity of this is that the German word “Bank” means both “bank” and “bench”!

Social media

On Facebook, DADAT Bank provides its community with helpful trading information and tips, information on various promotions and conditions, inspiring quotes, facts and news from the world of finance, as well as fun facts from various topics.