Supervision since 2020 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

Repositioning required

More than 400 businesses from various sectors are part of the Linz City Ring and attract numerous visitors to downtown Linz. Also, the multitude of various events was and is a reason for many people to come to the country road and its side streets. In order to stand out from the surrounding shopping malls, REICHLUNDPARTNER had to reposition the Linz city center accordingly.


Here everything is real

Our agency achieved a clear positioning by integrating the term “Echt” into the wording. Because in downtown Linz, everything from the historic houses to the sunlight to the traditional family businesses is authentic. Based on this consideration, the name “City Shopping Linz” including the claim “The real shopping experience” was developed. On a visual level, a modern and hip appearance was the goal.


A breath of fresh air in Linz city center

With the new wording and the freshly developed corporate design as a basis, REICHLUNDPARTNER conceived a holistic advertising campaign, which included the development of advertisements. The agency was also responsible for the design of a voucher folder and the quarterly Linz City Journal, as well as the conception of a new website. The latter programmed REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital.

The radio on the new appearance

City Shopping Linz brand 25”