Web portals

One of our particular strengths lies in the design and implementation of international, multilingual portals, especially in the B2B sector.

Based on clear project goals, we analyze in joint workshops the structure and expectations of the target groups, product/market combinations, company structure, sales channels, competitors and, last but not least, the possibility of communicating as directly as possible with your existing systems.


We see e-commerce as a system rather than as software.
A successful system exploits all the possibilities of online communication.

This is why, as part of your new e-commerce system, we analyze and develop

  • an online store that is optimized for the essential questions of the visitors
    and thus quickly takes customers to relevant products with cross-selling and upselling functions,
  • usability-optimized designs that are also optimized for modern devices,
  • interfaces to back-end systems to automatically reconcile data,
  • seamless integrations of newsletter systems,
  • online campaigns to bring new buyers into the store,
  • SEO strategies to achieve the best possible search engine listings,
  • comprehensive web analytics tools.

Best practice