Good is so simple

Care since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

Additives? We can do without that.

Too greasy, too salty, not sustainably produced and full of additives. Meat substitutes tend to have a bad reputation because they often contain chemical additives that are not beneficial to our health. That’s why Veg!tastic was developed. The vegan food brand uses only natural ingredients and is therefore good for everyone.


Good is so simple

It is the unadulterated, natural ingredients from nature that ensure that we feel good. Hence the new claim: “Good is so simple”, which is supposed to represent exactly this mindset of the company. In addition to the brand positioning, we designed the logo for Veg!tastic and created a design basis for the packaging.


Simple & genuine: the new design

A colorful mixture of pulses, rice, vegetables, spices – all 100% organic – and nothing else. As with the ingredients, we keep it simple with the packaging: The packaging is gaudy, but clean. The visuals work with a combination of strong and playful typography, which is seen large on the strong color backgrounds. For artificial additives, long supply chains and animal suffering, the 250g packs simply have no place.