The plus in information: the platform for general practitioners, ALLGEMEINE+.

Support since 2018 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

Print + digital + event once, please.

Universimed, a leading medical publisher, wants to create a new communication platform for general practitioners in Austria. This is intended to make bundled knowledge available on networked communication channels – print, digital and event. For this purpose, a new brand as well as a suitable appearance for magazine, web and event as well as various launch advertising materials are to be created.


Good ideas need a good name.

The newly created brand should immediately make it clear that everything here revolves around general medicine(s) – and that more is offered here than one would probably expect. This has been achieved very well with “ALLGEMEINE+”. Because the new name contains on the one hand the specialist area (general medicine) and on the other hand the reference to the “plus” in information, networking, expertise, further education, etc., which the new platform makes possible.


There is so much more in the plus.

The “plus” in the logo is not only part of the newly created word-image brand, but also an essential core element of communication as a formative and design element for the advertising materials. This creates a consistent, clear brand presence with strong branding. The basic design for the new print journal and the website, advertisements (including teasers) as well as invitations and various launch advertising materials were implemented.