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Initial situation

Hi-tech measuring device for breathing

Manufactured by the Austrian company Kühnel Electronic GmbH, the Umidus Bon Air Guardian monitors the quality, temperature and humidity of indoor air. With real-time alerts on this hi-tech meter, and in the cloud if desired, you’re actively taking precautions against mold infestation, poor, unhealthy indoor air, respiratory-borne diseases like Covid-19, and high levels of particulate matter.

Umidus Bon Air Guardian CO2 Wert Wohnzimmer Credit Kühnel Electronic
Umidus Bon Air Guardian Werte Schlafzimmer Credit Kühnel Electronic


Facts, facts, facts

Creating awareness of the problem among key journalists and thus the population through fact-based communication.

Kühnel Electronic has a mission that is to be communicated in Austria for the first time, broadly and provocatively (stirringly).

Umidus Bon Air Guardian Werte Wohnzimmer Credit Kühnel Electronic
Umidus Bon Air Guardian Schimmelgefahr Credit Kühnel Electronic


PR measures

  • Studies
  • Talks with public media
  • Regular information broadcasts on the subject of indoor air
  • Content preparation for social media channels
  • Specialized Talks
  • Test action