Gardening with brains

Supervision from 2014 to 2019 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

For all types of garden

STIHL Austria is also deliberately reaching out to the broader gardening population with its offering in terms of target group. The aim is to convey to beginners and professionals alike that STIHL has the perfect range for everyone.


Because everyone has their own head

In order to reach both target groups, we created two eye-catching print and online subjects that address the different worlds of professionals and private users, thereby targeting them specifically.


Purely a matter of the head

The larger the area of the garden/forest to be maintained, the easier it is to feel overwhelmed by it. Or, to put it another way, the work grows on you. We have translated this thought figuratively – and recommend STIHL equipment to prevent it from happening.

To ensure maximum flexibility in the subject design on the one hand and to keep the costs as lean as possible on the other, we had the flower headdress arranged by professional florists, photographed it as well as the blouse separately and then digitally assembled with the model photo.