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Support since 2018 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria, Germany

Initial situation

The address for everything around the pool

It is hard to imagine our gardens without pools. And ideally you buy them from Steinbach – one of the leading suppliers around pool and accessories. Following our successful “Off to the Pool” campaign in 2021, we also want to showcase Steinbach in 2022. In addition to the classic pools, this time the luxury brand Steinbach Pool Professional will also be promoted. Representing the sub-brand, the focus is on the solar shower, which received the Red Dot Design Award.


The new summer hit

Steinbach is the epitome of summer, sun and water fun. To make the joy of the pool palpable, we stuck to our summer hit strategy and wrote a new one for Steinbach this year as well. This time we were inspired by the motivational party hit by the Atzen “Das geht ab!”. Instead of “We party all night”, Steinbach now says: “We bathe all day”.

In order to clearly differentiate the Steinbach Pool Professional sub-brand, we chose our own setting.

In order to position Steinbach in the media as a professional in the field of pools and bathing fun for the home, the economic strength and the topics of regionality and sustainability were to be transported with PR work.

  • Steinbach Fotoshooting 2022


It’s on – on all channels

Following a broad media plan strategically developed by our Media Unit, the spots are played out online, on social media and on TV, ensuring optimal visibility. The 20-second spot even makes it across the border and captivates German audiences for the first time.

By the way, in addition to the TV commercials, we also created the packaging design for Steinbach products and the logo for Steinbach Pool Professional.

Whether regional press releases, expert interviews or national press conferences, REICHLUNDPARTNER Public Relations takes comprehensive care of Steinbach’s corporate communications. One of the highlights was the Austria-wide pool study that we were allowed to implement together with marketagent, in which Austrians were asked about their vacation plans at home.